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Supply Chain Management

Our global supply chain design and management expertise unlocks flexibility and drives continuous improvement, boosting your bottom line. 

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Consolidation and Vendor Services

By keeping merchandise, information, and documents near your sourcing locations, we simplify international forwarding, documentation, and compliance.

Warehousing and Distribution 

Customized warehousing and distribution offer enhanced inventory management, reduced operating expenses, and accelerated order fulfillment

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Global Freight Management

Nile Logistics & Trading (NLT), a top provider of complete transportation and forwarding solutions, uses its buying power across regions and internationally to secure the most competitive rates from trusted carriers.

Global Solutions Implementation

Nile Logistics & Trading's (NLT) Global Implementation team, working alongside our international partners, brings together world-class supply chain expertise with proven project management methods to deliver effective solutions for your needs. They can implement virtually any process from our comprehensive suite of international services.

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Nile Logistics & Trading (N.L.T) FCL Service

Experience the only FCL service with guaranteed day-definite deliveries. Never miss a deadline again. 

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Nile Logistics & Trading (N.L.T) LCL Service

Helping businesses thrive, NLT streamlines your time-sensitive cargo movement across an extensive global network. We offer guaranteed on-time arrivals for LCL shipments between:

  • Major trade routes: Albania-Duesseldorf, Algeria-Oran, Argentina-Buenos Aires, Australia-Melbourne, etc. (List a selection of representative routes, not all)

This ensures predictable arrival times and optimizes your supply chain for better planning and cost control.

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